Separation and Divorce can be difficult and stressful experiences –on many levels, including but not limited to emotional and financial. You may not need an attorney to tell you this.

What McCAIG LAW OFFICES can do for you is make the Divorce process as smooth, cost-effective and directed as possible. Rose Ellen McCaig will always approach your situation with compassion and without judgment. No matter what games your spouse or his/her attorney may try, Rose Ellen will remain your strong, clear and responsive advocate.

Rose Ellen serves you best by guiding you towards a goal-oriented rather than emotional strategy in the Divorce. She can work with you to focus on your future in the most productive way possible. Whether you are the one who wants a Divorce or you are the spouse who must face a marriage that is ending, you will want to make sure that this next phase of your life is as secure as it can be. For you, that may mean, for example, appropriate support payments, a certain parenting plan, career flexibility, health insurance, a new home or a retirement account.

There are many moving parts in the Divorce process. However, if you and Rose Ellen concentrate on establishing your goals and priorities, making a plan and following it, you will have a positive start to your new life.

It is not always easy to make an appointment with a Divorce and Family Law Attorney. However, at whatever stage you are, the sooner you come in for a consultation the better. Rose Ellen will listen to your story, explain how Divorce works in Massachusetts, apply statutory and case law to your particular situation, and give you all of your options and possible scenarios. If you decide to hire MLO , whether you take a gentle approach or an aggressive one, Rose Ellen will tailor the process to your needs.

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