Beginning to think about ADOPTION is an exciting time but no matter where you are in the process, you deserve to work with a team that guides and supports you— no matter what direction your journey takes.

I would be honored to be on your team. When you come to McCaig Law Offices for an ADOPTION CONSULTATION, we’ll do the following:

1) Tell Me a Story. Consultations are not “on the clock.” Clients often stay for two and a half hours. If you retain me, the cost of the consult is credited back to you, so you have received valuable information at no charge.

Tell me about your situation, what you’ve been through and where you see yourself going. Tell me what you must have and what you absolutely know you do not. Give me your ultimate Wish List, even if it is not realistic. From those dreams, we can start to formulate a plan.

2) I’ll Tell You about the Law. Massachusetts has certain requirements and restrictions with respect to the ADOPTION PROCESS. I will outline clearly those parameters. I will also show you forms common to ADOPTING IN MASSACHUSETTS to demystify the process.


  • Private
  • International
  • DCF

We’ll go through the good points of each option and make some notes about issues to think over. It’s not a decision that you need to make during our consult! No Lawyer’s Office or Adoption Agency or Individual should EVER pressure you!

4) First Steps…Start Early…Ducks in a Row!

  • Select an Experienced Family Lawyer
  • Evaluate Your Home
  • The Right Profile
  • Should I Have a Blog?
  • Recommendations: Who, What, Where, How Many?


  • Investigate and Choose an Agency
  • Prepare for and Complete a Home Study
  • Complete an Adoptive Parent Profile
  • Make a Match with Birthparent(s)
  • Birthparent(s) Terminate their Rights
  • Finalize the Adoption.

SOUND EASY? Nothing is ever as simple as it sounds, but with the right team in place, and a CLEAR PLAN OF ACTION, you will have the best chance at accomplishing your goal.

Click here for the MLO Adoption Worksheet

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