“I give you great credit. I do. And I told you this the last time you were here, you have done a remarkable job of hanging in when 99 percent of the Bar would have asked to withdraw. And I mean that with all due respect. I don’t know if [Client] knows how fortunate she is to have counsel who has not quit on her and not given up on her. This [real estate] deal has come together –but that is a credit to you. To you. And to you alone as far as this side of the equation. You have done everything to stand by your client, remarkably so. And taking it on the chin from [opposing counsel] and [Client’s spouse].  With all due respect, you’ve been here every single court appearance; you’ve heard the allegations; you’ve defended your client to the utmost ability. I have great respect for what you’ve done and I believe [opposing counsel] does.”

Justice Jeffrey A. Abber, Middlesex Probate + Family Court, Cambridge


A Single Father Denied Access to HIs Son…

“Damn Good!”

“Rose Ellen is and will continue to be my family lawyer. I looked at three lawyers before choosing her. I realized that she struck a balance between empathetic and objective all the while maintaining being a bulldog.

For my needs (custody), that type of lawyer was perfect. I wanted to be fair to my ex partner, but at the same time fair for myself in the negotiations.

Rose has been great at coaching me and guiding the process to not exacerbate the situation, while still being able to obtain what was within my rights.”



Complex Divorce Cases…


“Without exaggeration, this is a world-class attorney. You cannot obtain better legal counsel than Rose Ellen McCaig in her chosen specialty. She is brilliant, tenacious, and also reasonable. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her.”

Dr. John H. Halpern


“Rose Ellen gets an EXCELLENT FROM ME!”

“Rose Ellen McCaig represented me in my divorce.  I was very impressed with her professionalism. From the first meeting through my final hearing, she explained every step of the process clearly and answered all my questions. She treated me as an “individual” and achieved for me the outcome I wanted. She was always in control of my case and I felt that the Judge was impressed by her during the temporary order hearings. This put me at ease and took a lot of the stress off of me. During this process I even recommended her to a friend of mine.

I highly recommend Rose Ellen for any family law matter.”



 “Easy to work with and you get the feeling she really cares and goes that extra mile”

“Had a pleasant experience working with MLO during a not-so-pleasant divorce. She is easy to work with and you get the feeling she really cares and goes that extra mile for you. She’s sharp, attentive and overall a really nice person! Would highly recommend her!”

Hans D.


“Rose Ellen was my Divorce Lawyer”

“Rose Ellen is a very smart and beautiful attorney who knows the laws and how to protect her clients . My divorce proceedings were very long and complicated. Rose Ellen sat with me for 2 hours on my initial consult and helped guide me through the steps of separation. My husband was unemployed at the time living at the house. Rose Ellen helped me to remortgage the house in my name and have my husband to occur his own residence. I never had to pay alimony during the whole proceedings because of Rose Ellen’s diligence in preparing accurate information before each trial date in front of the judge. Unexpectedly my husband died during the 60 day divorce proceedings were finalized and once again Rose Ellen was right there for me helping me with the difficult road that was ahead for me. I cannot thank her enough for all the genuine sincere support she has given me. And my family.”



Post-Divorce Issues…

“Awesome Family Law Lawyer”

“Attorney Rose Ellen McCaig successfully helped me through issues of child support and visitation following my divorce. She listened to me, understood my needs, set realistic expectations, was fair and open in billing and obtained favorable results. She knows when to fight and when to settle and has an excellent grasp of the law and of the rules of the court. Rose Ellen works very hard, is diligent about filing on time with the court and opposing counsel and kept me informed of every development.”



“She always makes herself available…”

“As a client of Rose Ellen, I have found her to be dedicated responsive and extremely thoughtful while guiding me through the divorce modification and contempt process. She always makes herself available to provide assistance and discuss any concerns and issues. Saying Rose Ellen is an excellent lawyer would be an understatement. She is an extremely talented and dynamic professional with the expertise and persistence which can be counted on. I would highly recommend Rose Ellen to anyone!”

Katerina K.


Business Matters…

“She provided some excellent feedback that I was able to use effectively…”

“I used Rose Ellen McCaig’s services to review a contract opportunity. I am glad I did because she provided me some excellent feedback (direct and precise) that I was able to use effectively with the prospective employer. I would recommend her services strongly.”



An Entertainment Attorney….
“I recommend McCAIG LAW OFFICES for those in need of family law services.”

Attorney Joel Shames
Partner at Shames & Litwin

An Elder Care + Estate Planning Attorney….
Rose Ellen is a very experienced attorney who provides strong and supportive representation for her clients.”

Attorney Jeffrey Bloom
Attorney/Partner at Margolis & Bloom


In Boston…
“I have known Rose Ellen McCaig for the past 5 years. From the outset of our dealings, she distinguished herself as a warm, intelligent and reliable individual. She is very personable and professional and can be counted on to do what she promises. I would recommend her to any and all!”

Susan Lanoue
Owner, Lanoue Gallery

In Medfield…
“Rose Ellen McCaig is a person of integrity. She is devoted to providing the very best representation for her clients and someone whom I can truly recommend.”

Mark Landry
President, Landmark Services, Inc.


A Forensic Accountant…
“I had the pleasure of first working with MLO approximately 1 year ago involving a modification of divorce. Rose Ellen endeavored to fully understand the intricate financial issues of the case. At all times she advocated for her client’s position, but never lost sight of both the strengths and weaknesses of the case. I truly enjoyed working with Rose Ellen and I look forward to working with her again.”

Pamela Oliver
Principal of Horizon Business Valuations LLC

A Witness…
“Several years ago, I had the pleasure of working with MLO. Rose Ellen is professional, accountable and gets the job done. You won’t be disappointed.”

Name Withheld

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