Family Law + Domestic Relations

Family Law + Domestic Relations

Your situation, whatever it may be, is unique to you. The Family Law Attorney or Domestic Relations Attorney with whom you want to work must have the skill to see you as an individual and to develop a plan that not only addresses your present circumstances but will also serve you and protect your interests going forward.

The Family Law or Domestic Relations Attorney you select must have the acumen and sophistication to see ahead in order to develop an individualized strategy that will best serve your needs.

There are many moving parts in Family Law transactions and there may be considerable amount of overlap. Therefore, the attorney you select needs to have a solid foundation in many areas that include but are not limited to:

  • Prenuptial Agreements + Business + Estate Planning
  • Gay Marriage + Adoption
  • Living Together Contracts + Real Estate
  • Divorce + Business
  • Divorce + Real Estate
  • Modifications of Agreements + Contracts

When you are about to make important life decisions, you owe it to yourself to work with an experience, mature professional who will we concentrate on establishing your goals and priorities, developing a strategy and working that plan so that whatever your situation may be, you will be in an empowered position to go forward. At McCAIG LAW OFFICES, Rose Ellen McCaig serves you best by guiding you towards a goal-oriented rather than visceral strategy. She can work with you to focus on your future –whatever your situation.

At whatever stage you are in your situation, the sooner you come in for a consultation the better. Rose Ellen will listen to your story, explain the relevant law, apply statutory and case law to your particular situation, and give you all of your options and possible scenarios. If you decide to hire MLO, whether you and Rose Ellen ultimately decide on a gentle approach, an aggressive one, or a hybrid, she will tailor the process to your needs.

McCAIG LAW OFFICES has developed long-standing working relationships with, and has access to, experts who undertake the valuation of complex business interests, analyze pensions and other retirement plans, address complicated tax issues and carry out forensic computer investigations. Other experts such as child psychologists and psychiatrists assist in difficult Child Custody matters. Real estate appraisers, financial planners and private investigators are also available to MLO if and when the need arises.

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