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You deserve a Divorce attorney who will make the Divorce process as smooth, cost-effective and goal-oriented as possible.


1. Excellent Communication. It is essential that your Divorce Lawyer explains the process, initially and every step of the way – in a manner that you understand. You deserve the have your questions, emails and phone calls answered in a timely manner.

2. Inspires Confidence. Your attorney should appear confident and in control –not disorganized and forgetful. You should not have to chase your attorney for updates on your case but rather he or she should let you know immediately when something happens. You should expect timely responses to your emails and your phone calls should be returned promptly.

3. Experience. Your attorney should be well-versed in Family Law and capable of getting the best result possible. He or she should be knowledgeable in all areas of Family Law as well as in the related areas of Business, Contracts and Real Estate. For many reasons, including negotiation and settlement strategy, your attorney must be an accomplished litigator –even if your case never goes to Court.

4. Personal Attention. You hired your attorney and he or she should make your case a priority. You do not want an attorney who is so busy that he or she has little time for you and puts off your case for days or even weeks. You deserve to feel your attorney has your best interests at heart. Knowing that your attorney is ready to support you and advocate on your behalf can make even the most complex case less daunting.

5. Respectful of Your Money. No matter what your financial situation, your attorney should be careful with your resources. Your attorney should always give you options and a cost-benefit analysis for each major undertaking in your case.

6. Fearless. Your attorney should not be intimidated by your spouse, the opposing counsel or firm, the prospect of going to court or by any particular judge.

Making the First Call to a Divorce Lawyer
It is not always easy to make the first call to a Divorce and Family Law Attorney. When you call Rose Ellen, she will talk with you over the phone. She will not pressure you to make an appointment. She will answer your questions and will advise, however, that at whatever stage you are, the sooner you come in for a consultation the better she will be able to get you the results you want.

Rose Ellen says:
“I have been practicing law for over 20 years, concentrating in Family Law and the Divorce process. I have both significant legal expertise in those areas and in Business, Contracts, and Real Estate which are often components of Divorce. I provide you with the invaluable amount of perspective that comes with that amount of time. I encourage you to call or send me an email to make an appointment to discuss your situation.”
T: 617-266-1900
M: 617-828-9200

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